Adler 7

Like other typewriter manufacturers in Germany, Adler he began his life as a bicycle manufacturer. When they decided to branch out in 1898, they did the sensible thing and bought a license to make America's "Empire" typewriter instead of trying to make it from scratch. the "Empire" was designed by Wellington P. Kidder.

The special feature of all machines Adler it was the visible source. Across the keys, arranged in a semicircle, the character bars slide horizontally on a hardened steel plate and then converge to a central printing point.

The keyboard consists of three rows of 10 keys each, the layout was essentially the universal keyboard. With the 30 keys, 90 different characters can be entered by double toggling.

The purchase price of a machine was initially 300.00 Gold Marks, a considerable amount for the conditions of that time. Since there was no trade in office machines, Adler initially sold through bike dealers Adler.